My mom called me yesterday to tell me she was in New York. Two weeks ago she packed a few things, jumped in her red mini cooper, and decided to drive across the US to see the fall colors and visit some friends and family along the way.

Destination Prince Edward Island, Canada.

This is a solo adventure. No one to sing in the car with or to give you a break of driving 4,000 miles. She is on her own.

Growing up moms and daughters have their differences but one thing I always respected about my mom was her sense of being FEARLESS! As cliche as it sounds she raised all three of us girls to believe we can do whatever we made our minds up to do – she would always say “can’t” doesn’t even exist. I love that about her.

My mom has traveled to more places on this planet than most people I know. I thank her for sharing with me the experience of travel at a very young age and teaching me in many ways I could have never known until I was an adult.

Her call yesterday reminded me that I need a little more of that in my life.

Instead of sitting in my office and editing all day I decided to get outside and have a mini adventure while the sun is still hanging around in Seattle.

I went to Georgetown.

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The raddest part of Georgetown is the roaring planes that fly feet over your head. It was incredible!

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