St. Tropez oh’ St. Tropez


All of France is quite lovely but this charming fishing village on the Riviera stole my heart. Oh St. Tropez!




We landed in St. Tropez before the May holidays began so we felt pretty lucky to experience the village when it was quiet, friendly and warm.



St. Tropez is a good mix of charming and glitterati. The port is festooned with yachts, golden tans and seasoned shoppers (as in a Doir mansion)! Spectacular people watching. Upon recommendation tried we this super fance restaurant on the port called L’Escale. You dine with white sand underneath your feet, the rose is a must, and the seafood is tops. It’s a pretty penny but a must see while in St. Tropez.




French children are to die for. Well mannered and inquisitive. That pretty much sums it up.



Brigitte Bardot, my girl crush, is the most famous face around these parts. Filming And God Created Women there in the late 1950’s is what put St. Tropez on the map. Brigitte still lives in La Madrague but has not set foot on the port in ten years. Naturally, my mind kept getting lost curious about what it was like there then. The myth and essence of the 1960’s.




Hotel De Lices was our little vintage boutique hotel we stayed at while we were there in St. Trop. Without reservation this was the best hotel experience I have had in my life. Family ran with dogs in tow, overly generous staff, drinks and fresh fruit aplenty, and a poolside scene I could have stayed at for days. Need I say more?
Oh yeah, this was where Brigitte stayed. Also, most French people have cocker spaniels and not poodles. Just to set the stereotypes straight.


Plages de Pampelonne White sand, crystal clear water, many spots to get a chair and umbrella to compliment your apertif, beach food at Cap 21 and you are golden. Summary of my perfect day.




Some other places worth checking out:

Bistro Canaille
Tapas are so well received you will leave wanting more. Fine wine flows like water. Owners Lili and Jean-Francoise are welcoming and love to speak English.
Le Sporting
Constantly packed like any good Brasserie, best spot to bask in the sun behind your sunnies and gaze at all the ensembles, staff is easy going and fun. c’est magnifique!

ERES Chicest of chic suits
K Jacques The website does not do this glorious store any wonder. They are beautiful handmade sandals.
The emerald green bikini shop without a name on the port. You can’t miss it.