becoming a mrs! picking the dress…


This week it all became real. I woke up on Monday with feelings of excitement, anxiety, and calm. How is that even possible?! To celebrate all this craziness and bliss the week leading up until we leave I wanted to share all the plans and the fabulous friends that are helping make our day special. We tried extra hard to be intentional and thoughtful in picking all the people who will be with us on this day and so far I would pass them along to anyone we know.

From the beginning…

Lucky for me I brought my best friend Julie along for my first dress trying on experience. I picked out 5 or 6 from a dress shop here in town and four steps out of the dressing room I could tell by the look on her face these were a no go! From there I left a little discouraged knowing the dress I wanted was all the way in the UK and was five times out of my budget.

Black Friday came along and Nate and I were out shopping for boots and I decided I needed to go upstairs to look for a holiday dress. I passed through the bridal collection like always and spotted a familiar Nicole Miller dress I tried on earlier in the summer. This time it was on the sample rack. I looked at the size and the price and knew I had to try it on again! My last experience squeezing into this dress was somewhat of a joke. In the end I learned that a size 2 doesn’t fit even if it is stretch silk and there should only be one true Kim Kardashian. Goodness!

This fitting was a bit different. The dress was waaay too big. Too big to even take in without costing a fortune. However, once I was pinned and cinched and stepped into those gold heels I knew this was the dress for me and we would be great friends together! Nordstrom found the dress in Pennsylvania dress in my size and had it shipped to Seattle in a week.

Still, I had big plans for this dress…

Once the dress came in I met with Toma (alterations goddess) from Downtown Seattle Nordstrom and we took that baby to town. Her work is unbelievable and it turned out better than I imagined.

Double bonus: the stretch silk is so comfortable I can eat and dance my face off seamlessly. That’s huge!!

Here are some of Nicole Miller’s dresses: