becoming a mrs! the venue…


The second most popular question I get asked is why Palm Springs?
Palm springs is an easy place to fall in love with. Especially someone like me who is obsessed with mid century/ modern architecture, design, warm temperatures, and old Hollywood nostalgia. The desert and the unbelievable CA light is really a no brainer! Every time I am there it feels like I am transported back in time.

Once I had the dress we started the real talk about what was important to us and how we would like our wedding week to unfold. Both Nate and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to also make a family vacation out of the adventure. So, clearly it was obvious we should rent a fab house for a week and also get married there.

You know a Mad Men midcentury beautiful everything and throw a wedding dinner pool party with our closest friends and family. We both wanted an intimate gathering where we felt comfortable enough after the wedding we could all take our shoes off and just maybe jump in the pool.

When I get an idea in my head and mill it around a while and it seems reasonable I go to endless lengths to fulfill that idea. I scoured the internet. SCOURED. First I started with VRBO and airbnb. Those were bot great resources.

However, right from the start I ran into some problems.
– I found the exact interior I wanted but the exterior wasn’t exactly in line with my vision. Or vice versa.
– I found the exact house and then realized the day occupancy rate was 12 people. hmmm… yeah, pass.

So I upped my game and same thing. I found all these phenomenal celebrity homes (admittedly I might tour when I am there) like the Elvis house, Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and The Kauffman house. Obviously, they were slightly out of my price range. So I pressed on.

Then I found Casa Verona! I am beyond excited to stay here for the week and feel so lucky to have our wedding here.

Here are some images of the rental house:


Casa Verona is ran through a company called Room Service and they also have other Midcentury homes to rent. Check out their site.