becoming a mrs! the photographer…

This is the first question people ask! Once people knew we were finally tying the knot they would ask “Oooh, who’s going to shoot it? It must be the hardest part of wedding planning trying to find a photographer?” Actually, it was the easiest decision yet.

We all have our favorites in the industry and on many occasions I have asked other photographers “Who would you love to have shoot your wedding, family, ect? I am curious.

Rewind to last year some friends met up at a local pub for a night of catch ups. Because of twitter and the life of the technology word travels fast and sometimes you don’t know who you will see and meet. This particular night it was a small group of us.

I met my photographer there that evening. Coincidentally, I emailed him that day (he had no idea). Not about shooting my wedding but about industry stuff. So we met. We has fresh conversation and became friends.

I mentioned my email.
We kept in touch.

Fast forward nine months — Finally. I booked the photographer. The photographer that was a favorite!


I could tell you 106 reasons why I am drawn to his art, vision, creativity, and honest images. I could tell you why he is a rad friend and does everything with the best of intentions and pure love. I could tell you he is the best curator I have come across. I could tell you I love his family. I could tell you he has one MILLION pinterest followers :)


Regardless, of all those things what I think is most important to share is I trust him 100 percent to show up and know he will kill it. He will fit in and become one of the gang like no one else and find the magic in it all. In the most wonderful way.

Check him out. Say hello. You won’t regret any part of it.

Let me introduce you to James (Jimmy) Moes.

Here is some of James work to drool over:









Meet my friend Roger. I asked him if he would be interested in shooting the wedding with any or all of his film cameras alongside James. No direction by me and free rein to be as creative and crazy awesome as Roger is. He said yes!! So Roger and his huge personality will be at our wedding making magic. You can find his work here and here!

Pure love.
Pure energy.
Pure madness.
All good. All in one place.