becoming a mrs! food trucks, mixologists, and the barware

lime truck
Having experienced my very first spam tacos from Marination a couple years ago at a wedding I was sold. Really, they are super! So it was a pretty easy decision from the start. Only small problem… no food trucks in Palm Springs. What?! How could this be, in Seattle we have hundreds. So I started my search and ended up finding The Lime Truck who are in Los Angeles.

Maryann understood what I was looking for and she nailed our menu on the first response! Yes!!

My next quest was the most important DESSERT. Well, considering the temperatures will reign around 110 degrees that day I didn’t dare give any sort of cake/ frosting combo a second thought. I know, crazy. Some of our groomsmen were heartbroken. I would do what any reasonable sweet tooth would do and went for the next best thing… Hawaiian shave ice. Shave ice with ice cream in the middle… yes I think so. Again, nothing even close in Palm Springs. So I asked The Lime Truck for suggestions and she sent me to Haleiwa Shave ice. Reeaal excited about this treat as both Nate and I have never tried authentic Hawaiian shave ice.

Oh Farra… and then there was my dream Farra!
One problem I ran across and completely didn’t think about when renting a house for an event is what will I use for dinnerware and barware. Luckily, the food trucks will take care of the plates, bowls, ect. However, I still needed barware. If you know me, you know I have a tiny obsession with collecting vintage barware, glasses, and serving pieces. They are great conversation pieces and make your drinks a bit funner to sip from. It’s the small things over here.

Instead of contacting the typical classic party rentals variety in Palm Springs I ran across Farra from The Hostess Haven on my internet travels. She lives in San Diego but turns out we knew many of the same people in the wedding photography community. You know when you meet someone and think I would totally be besties with her if we lived in the same zip code… well that was Farra. Everything I explained about our wedding, what I loved, and was looking for she came back with even better ideas and collaboration. I found myself with perma-grins reading her emails thinking Yes, Yes, Yes! Farra has an overflowing collection of vintage barware and tabletop gems. I LOVE them all. Oh, and I hear she can make some pretty stellar desserts! She is known to do a few dessert tables. What is not to love with this lady… really looking forward to meeting her in real life if you couldn’t already tell.

After 220 emails back and forth I shared with her I was looking for a bartender and did she know anyone. Just so happens her husband owns a few businesses, The Vetted Table and Miho Gastrotruck. Well isn’t this a perfect duo. Done! I contacted Juan and we had a mixologist just like that. Instant approval! Juan like Farra has been a dream team extraordinaire to work with. Juan and his guys came up with two bespoke cocktails for us on the wedding day and they are nothing less than perfect for us.
Don’t these tables look dreamy?
Also, Farra’s vintage collection here.

Photos by: RAD + IN LOVE
& studiocastillero