becoming a mrs! design, video, and lounge furniture

Julia, Lady Design
Early on Nate and I talked about what the invites would be like knowing it sets the tone for the whole endeavor. Nate being a man of the internets and completely unconventional (interpretation: web developer and designer) and me being drawn to sparkly things we thought up an simple design that would represent us both and our mid century-modern wedding.

Instead of all the usual information that goes on the invites, we provided a link to the website. The website is where we had all the info you needed and the RSVP. Nate built the website from Julia’s designs. See it here:

My friend Julia, is also a photographer and an all around creative. She is currently in design school at the UW and does small business branding and design on the side.

Julia helped us take our ideas we dreamed up to completion for our invites and all the design you will see at our wedding. She is a laid back lady with a great ability to communicate ideas and concepts. I am more than thrilled to work with her and know she will have a bright future as an artist.

See more of Julia’s beautiful work here:

Oh Brian… aka Sharkpig!
Brian is one of those guys that evoke belly laughs in the first five minutes you are in his presence. He’s sincere, honest, and is the best story teller I have ever met. He just moved back to LA after living in Seattle for the past year. He is already missed. Brian does video. In the best incredible way possible. See for yourself here:

Sticking with the design and era of the house it made total sense to rent lounge furniture from our friends at Yeah! rentals in LA. We also opted out of the formal sit down dinner style. Instead, we went for a more casual approach and rented poufs, wooden side tables, chairs, and our bar. All the poufs and tables will be dispersed all over the backyard for a more casual chill vibe. Check them out here: YEAH! rentals

YEAH!rentals from Son of Shark Pig on Vimeo.