becoming a mrs! my beauty guru and the not flowers in Palm Springs.

Beauty Guru
Next to feeling beautiful and comfortable in your dress the closest thing is having a makeup and hair artist who can do the same for you. That person for me is Tiffany of Tiffany Colors.

I have been seeing Tiff for the past three years. She is in charge of all things beauty for me and on occasion we collaborate together on shoots. I never really give her direction I just tell her where I am going and what I am wearing and say GO… She knows my quirky sense of style and has a good twist of her own so we blend perfectly. Total trust.
So, clearly getting her out to Palm Springs was at the top of my list for the wedding festivities as well. I wanted to feel my best and have all my golden ladies feel taken care of as well. I have seen far too many episodes of brides hating their hair or feeling like a mad stranger to themselves on their special day. Thank you brides, lesson learned.

Turns out the wedding has turned into a family vacation for Tiff and company. Yay!

Tiff is located in Seattle at SKYN salon in Pioneer square. If you are looking for a new stylist with loads of personality and talent for days… you know where to go! Her resume is extensive just take a peek here!

The Not Flowers
I had this wild assumption that some of my ladies and I would take a trip to LA and go to the flower mart a few days prior to the wedding. Bring home all our pretties and round up some bouquets. Julie is pretty talented at this so I thought we were solid. Well, insert Farra again and our 220 emails she so lovingly said “Um, I think they might not last out there! But I do know someone…”

I contacted Britt from Tend Living after I stalked her website for about 30 minutes dying over all her succulent, cacti, and air plants variety. I emailed her explaining what we were doing and asked if we were indeed crazy to think flowers would last a hot minute in the heat. She laughed… over email at least. I think to be exact she said “Honey, it’s going to be hotter than the devils’ panties!” I took her word and we collaborated straight from there.I am beyond thankful Farra sent her my way. You should take a look at her stuff she creates some really interesting work.
This is a gollypod. How could I not order a red gollypod. I mean come on…
How gorgeous is that bouquet? Mine will be very similar to this.
tend 4
tend 3