Mrs C / Seattle boudoir


Only two things scare me. Losing my friends and losing my wonder.

Over the past year I have been digging deep and asking myself the hard question of what do you really like to photograph? What drives you, what do you go to bed thinking about, and what stuns you?

I ask myself these kind of questions:
-What are the top 10 things I enjoy consuming in my life?
-What was the best thing I did that day?
-What do my friends say are my strengths?
-What does Nicole say?
-Call my best friend and see if I am being delusional?


The bigger point to make here is I had no idea what the answer was or where I was going to end up with my work so I decided to not wait for myself to get started. I just wanted to make shit.

So I have been doing those things.

I have been photographing women. Shooting fashion and beauty. Challenging myself to capture the things I look at in awe and disturb my pattern of comfort ease. I have discovered that energy and I am not letting go.

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Hair/ Makeup: Ashli Danielle