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Louie Family | Seattle WA

Going outside to play with families and hear all the best things kids say really can make your day.

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Moses Moes

What a name? I mean c’mon. If I ever had a little boy I imagine him a lot like Moses Moes. A little boy who can’t stop, won’t stop. Isn’t he to die for?

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The Brager family

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I have known Heidi for what feels like my entire life. We grew up together, went to school together, got into trouble together, got ready for school dances together, had all the same friends… the list goes on forever. We even have a holiday friends song!

Little Tatum and Jett are both balls of wonder and are definitely on track to be as loving and cool as their parents. What a huge honor for me to be able to spend time with their children and witness some of my oldest friends carry a love and marriage that both amazes me and inspires me.

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Fredricks family, Bonney Lake WA

Missy asked me photograph their family again this year and I threw out “how about I come visit you at your house” idea. In house family sessions are great for avoiding the Seattle muck and letting kids romp all around in their own environment. We did it, had some fun, had some meltdowns, and I remembered once again why I love energetic toddlers…

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Jason and his Maggie, West Seattle

Daughter’s have an innate sneaky way of wrapping their father’s heart strings around their itty bitty fingers.

I am lucky enough to watch Maggie grow over the last couple years and watch our friend Jason remain dad of the year!

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Cummings family, Volunteer Park Seattle WA

Shooting families and spending time with kidlets is my perfect kind of photo shoot. There is a silent and beautiful balance of need and chaos amongst young families. I am in awe of the wonderful energy, the non-stop getting to the next thing, cleverness, plain honesty, and charm of children. The Cummings will be leaving Seattle soon for DC so they wanted to document how life here was when Mae and Whitaker were little. We ran around Volunteer park freezing cold but I am glad I was able to help create these memories for them.

Alison sent me a beautiful email after receiving her photos. She said something that will stick with me a long time.

“The photos that you took will allow me to show my children that I am “perfectly their mother.” Does it get any better than that?!

With this link to read:

If you are interested in family photos I would love to take them. Contact me at

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Picicci family

Meet the Picicci family.

Life’s great moments happen most often when you are least expecting it. I will forever stand in awe at the bond between parents and their children. It’s alive with love. Energetic spirit. And an untouchable vulnerability that makes it one of the most magical wonders in life.

Thank you for sharing.

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Jason & Maggie

I learn a lot or am reminded of the things that really matter when I am around kids. Especially the four and under crowd. They are curious. Honest without pause. Intentional. But most of all they just want to have fun and party. If only adults could be as cool as kids sometimes!

The best thing about my daddy is he pushes me on my trike and listens to loud music -Maggie, three years old

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Grenz Family

There is so much to love about family shoots inside people’s homes.
It’s both relaxed and intimate.

Erica and Ryan are incredible parents to these sweet twins Cameron and Noah.

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