fredericks family

We braved the wind and intermittent rain (big suprise) in Seattle this fall sunday morning. The destination was a beach spot in Magnolia. The kids brought out the pink umbrella, pirate faces, and fancy black patent shoes AND… white fur coat! Yes, little girl has a fur coat. There are times when I think photographing kids is so challenging and is it really what I want to be doing? But then I have shoots like these where the kids rock it out…

I realize after I go home and take a look at the upload- I melt. I love kids. I love them because they are a small piece of truth in our lives when we need it most. I love them because they don’t live hesitant. I love them because they forgive so easily. I love them because they’re not afraid of being themselves.

Without a doubt, every shoot I encounter kiddos I learn something new. Sometime’s it’s not just about getting the right shot. In fact most of the time it’s not. Fredericks family, I had a great time thanks for letting me spend time with your babes.

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my fingers feel like popsicles!

It was the weekend of friend visits and warm fires. We stayed in all weekend (mostly). The snow started coming our way Sunday morning and hasn’t really stopped. I think we may get a snow blizzard tonight. Lucky us!

The first snow of the year is always exciting… even as adults I suppose. However, hearing the news of a winter storm watch and a possible 6-10 inches tonight isn’t exactly what I had in mind. When we first moved to Spokane it was a pretty novel idea having snow from November until early April, sometimes May. Let me assure you the novelty has worn off. It’s a racket. Let me tell ya how it goes with kids:

Coats on. Check. Snow boots. Check. Snow pants. Check. Hat. Check. Gloves. Check. “Mom, I have to pee.”

I swear it happens almost three times a week. It just adds another layer of the get to school on time process. On a lighter note, the kids love the snow and it’s pretty most of the time. The best part of winter for me is pulling out my winter coats I forgot about, seeing the kids faces of excitement when they wake up to a snowfall night, taking winter walks to grab coffee at the Rockwood bakery, and shamelessly wearing my UGGS almost everyday I can.

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Isn’t she darling. She is a friend of mine’s little girl. Not so tiny anymore with her long blonde hair and gorgeous eyes.

We miss you guys. Thanks for the coffee date and photo op today.

Picicci Family

Here is some more love from the Picicci’s. I just love these guys.

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sneak peek of the Picicci family

I am so blessed to be able to photograph the most beautiful families. I have a special spot for the Picicci family as I have known them since I moved to Spokane. The best way I can explain my friend Tanya, is she has a perpetual smile on her face every time I see her. She radiates beauty. Sam wasn’t super stoked for family photos but doesn’t he look so cute!

These two have an incredible love for each other and insane darling kids. I loved seeing their personalities come out… they were a riot! Thank you Sam and Tanya for letting me capture your family’s love.

the keller family

Here are a few shots I captured of the Keller’s. Very sweet family. Very busy two year old. This little sprite would not sit still a minute. Mid shoot I had a light bulb thought “I have suckers” in my car. I saved those babies up from all the bank visits with the kids. I knew I would come across a needy sucker moment… Well this time was a perfect moment. And it was a hit- as you can see in the photos. Thank you Maddie and John for having me a part of your day.

LOVE this one. He had no where to go high up there in that tree. At least he had his sucker!

Sweetest parents ever. So much in love…

julie + her sprites

I truly think these pictures portray how sweet the love is between this family. Isn’t this all girl family the most ridiculous stunning family you’ve ever seen? This mama has some STRONG gorgeous DNA going on. Mini mamas. These girls were so good to me… they posed, smiled, gave me some girly attitude, and even frolicked around like most kids do. Being around kids always reminds me just how grand life is. I am so blessed to meet Julie and her family. Not to mention our daughters have become quite fond of each other. Perhaps some of those sweet southern accents will rub off on my girls. Thank you for letting me be apart of your day and share with you what I love to do.

“You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around – and why his parents will always wave back.”
William D. Tammeus