Cathedral Pearls

I took some photos of Cathedral Pearls (formerly known as Karli Fairbanks) the other night at the BeGin event at the MAC. They’re a home town Spokane band with some serious talent and raw sensibility.

The first time I saw Karli Fairbanks perform was a few years ago. She was opening for David Bazan. I remember that night, I was socializing with some friends and I couldn’t help being pulled in by her voice. There’s something to her that draws you in. I am not sure if it’s the cute dark curls, her melodic voice, or the wisdom behind those lyrics.

Cathedral Pearls is a new collaboration between Karli and her hubs Caleb. She is the lead vocalist and Caleb is the drummer. The other two in the photos are Max and Carrie they are a cute husband and wife duo as well. They were very sweet people and had  great chemistry.

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The Head and the Heart

In celebration of my 32nd birthday this year my mister and I went out on the town Saturday night.  We wined and dined on some French food at Sante. Eating there is one of those surreal experiences where you feel that heightened feeling of less is more. The fare there is uber decadent just as any French meal should be.

Saturday night was closing night for the Empyrean. It’s super sad because it was a quaint spot for the local hipsters and music lovers to enjoy great artists in a small intimate setting.  A while back I saw The Head and the Heart was playing there my birthday weekend and my mind was set I had to GO. I discovered their music through a podcast I listen to called KEXP. It’s a Seattle station which I highly recommend. They too are from Seattle and they are freakin awesome! The best way to describe their music is they are a little bit Beatles with a smidge of folk.

Near midnight they finally went on… the front was cleared and the dancing began. The Head and the Heart ROCKED our socks off! Honestly, it was one of the best shows I have ever been to. And doubly awesome… I was practically on stage with them shooting away in complete awe of where I was at that moment.

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