Amy and Chase


These two are real special. Amy was our nanny a couple years back. She came straight to Seattle from Paris after training at Cordon Bleu as a pastry chef. Yes! She was the best and soon became apart of our family. Since then she and Chase have ventured on to Austin to pursue other dreams. In May I flew out to their family ranch in Texas for their wedding. Woah, woah do Texans know how to throw a party! The night before the wedding there was a BBQ hoedown with a band, toasts and surprises. The evening light on the river was unreal and Amy looked stunning in her dress and cowboy boots so we grabbed some shots on the Concan Frio river.

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Dawn + David

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Alex and Chollada wedding


Back when it was mid 80’s in July. Ahhh, that seems nice now.

Alex and Chollada had a beach/lawn wedding in front of a tiny 100-year old waterside Chapel on Fox Island. When Alex wrote me he said the priorities were to have a beach picnic style cues to keep it fun, simple and low stress. Beautiful. But what really won me over was their love story. Which I always ask out of pure nosiness and curiosity.

“Our love story revolves around a high five. She thought it was innocent, I thought it was a sign. We went to the same gym class and I routinely beat her up the hill sprint, and one day she gave me a high five when we passed each other. (Mind you the hill sprint is probably the only athletic thing I could possibly beat her at.) My lucky break turned into a conversation, then yoga, into training for a triathlon together, into being inseparable from each other.”


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Alex + Chollada

New eyes. Happy heart.

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Ajna +Ollie: France wedding, part 2

What a day.
What a night.
Let’s go back and do it all over again.

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Ajna + Ollie: France wedding, part 1


There is no way in my universe I can spend a week with these beautiful people in the South of France and only share one post of their wedding. There was too much time, love, and preparations to be had that week. I have been waiting on posting this wedding for quite some time now because it felt like for me once I posted it the wedding would be really over. Isn’t that just silly?

I had been talking wedding plans with Ajna for over a year before their actual wedding and I knew it was going to be very spectacular knowing all the work she put into this whole thing living in England and having a wedding in France. I would wake up to these really honest and hilarious 3 page emails from her chatting about what was happening in wedding world and exchanging updates. I just loved it.

Ajna created so many fabulous things for her wedding to include the design of her wedding dress. With a little help from talented friends they pulled this dress together in two days. Two days! The day of she was getting sewn into that baby. She also collected all the plates, cups, flatware, table decor and anything you see on the tables over the past year. So impressed.

The wedding was in Bergerac, Dordogne at a lovely place called Le Leotardie. One of those places you see in magazines and hope to someday visit. It was phenomenal. We stayed there for a week in an old style country French house with Swiss and American house mates.

Friends and family from all over Europe and the states come to celebrate these two. I can see why as they really have something special and will be forever friends of mine.

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Part 2 coming tomorrow…

kristina + eric: love story


Mad love going on here.
When playful love is there it is almost impossible for me to put my camera down.
So beware this is a long one.

But a good one.

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Kristina + Eric
It’s a simple fact I am really into couples who are super hot for each other. It just makes sense.
Today was gorgeous. Tonight was gorgeous. The kind of night you want every night of the year. Or at least I do… warm, little breeze, and the sunset on the water was unreal. Dang, Seattle you are such a tease.

Becca + Adam Seattle, WA

1H1A8599 copy

It’s refreshing being around people who are quite smitten with each other and all they want to do is kiss. They bring a lot of love and life into the room. Looking forward to seeing these honey bunnies tie the knot next month.

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