Jessica + Brent Seattle, WA


When I meet couples from out of town I like to treat them to my new favorite local haunt or something they aren’t used to. Its fun to play and get aquainted in a place you adore. For me it’s Bar Sajor. This crush drenched place has a beauty unlike most spots in Pioneer square. It’s light, bright, pretty, and the food and libations don’t disappoint. From there we braved the wind and sun breaks at Discovery Park. The spring weather in Seattle has a 15 minute change pattern so it’s really hard to predict.

Really looking forward to celebrating their wedding this summer on the Peninsula and seeing Jessica’s spin on the wedding world. Turns out she is the female Don Draper in the ad world. So instantly I was charmed.

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Laurie + Kevin: Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center, Seattle WA

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Laurie and Kevin are some of the kindest around.

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Venue: Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center | Getting ready: private residence | Ceremony location: Sunset hill, Ballard | Venue: Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center | Dress: J Crew, found on ebay | Florist: Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center | Coordinator: Ashley Benkula | Cheers: Fremont Brewing Wine, Piccola Winery Keg Wine, Batch 206 Distillery (Seattle) and Sweet Caroline Sweet Tea Vodka (Maine) | DJ: Luna Bella Events | Transportation: Seattle Green Limo Second shooter: Lindsie Rowe

2012: end of year summation

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2012 has been one of those years where I look back and think where did all those moments go? I am incredibly grateful for the people I had the opportunity to share meals with, welcome me into their homes, embrace me as family, share fresh conversation, and learn a lot more about others and myself.

Many many thank you’s to the connections and new friends I made this year. Thank you for believing in me, bringing me into your world, and for reminding me what life is about. My journey would not be possible without all of you.

Looking forward to all of 2013 adventures!

Stay in love,

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Ben + Amber wedding, Snohomish WA

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I looked forward to this wedding all year knowing they had some fresh wedding ideas up their sleeves.
Congrats to Amber and Ben and a life filled of never boring moments!

Laura + Corey

Saturday was my last wedding for 2012. What a year of meeting incredible, incredible people. Thank you all for inviting me into your lives and homes. I am forever grateful.

Congrats you two!!

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Tara + Drew wedding, sandpoint ID

This wedding was not like any other I have witnessed. Everything was planned, created, and dreamed of prior to the day of their celebration. Tents were assembled, tables and chairs set, all of Tara’s labor of love was hung in just the right spots.

We knew the day called for thunder storms but we didn’t really believe it. We were in Sandpoint, ID where the sun shines almost everyday in the summer. Who would believe it would rain?! Well, that night it didn’t rain it stormed! Luckily, the next morning the tent took minimal damage and we were still sitting pretty.

Fast forward to post ceremony we are on our way back to the lake house where their reception will take place. The minute we pulled into the driveway the rain started. Guests were arriving, the caterers were in place, all tables were set. The rain turned into a downpour and the wind was almost a hurricane. All the adults rallied outside to try and salvage any order we could in the storm. The kids were screaming and dancing in the rain. In a matter of ten minutes it was all destroyed and blown away!!

I will never forget standing at the bar with Tara holding down the margarita salt, wine bottles, and glasses. Obviously we were the logical ones, right?! In a blur I looked at all the people running around collectively trying to save anything they could and was overwhelmed with how wonderful it all felt. It was that moment Tara looked at me and said “this is just perfect, Nicole!”

The entire reception was moved indoors and the party persisted. Everyone was soaked from the rain yet their was still happiness and humor in it all. A sense of real community.

A couple hours later the sun broke and we all moved back outside to enjoy what was left of the tent. The beautiful table settings were gone, the decor was hanging by threads, and all the details Tara hand crafted had blown away in the storm.

Beautiful things happen for strange reasons. All of this didn’t matter.

Tara and Drew were still floating.

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Laurie + Kevin engagement, Ballard Seattle WA

Oh, these two.
They introduced me to a new hidden area in Fremont.
We shared some wine they will be serving at their wedding.
Took some round about walks.
People are wonderful when you get to know them. I could deal with these kind of adventures everyday.

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Corey + Laura, Spokane WA

I am doing two blog posts in a day. Why? Oh, why not it’s Wednesday…

Meet Corey & Laura.

Corey & Laura have an incredible story. The kind of story that gives you chills. I am going to save it for the wedding post in a few months but it sure is a sweet one. For now…

A heart that loves is always young. -Greek proverb

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