Dave + Steph, Seattle Wa

These two lovebirds are getting hitched this Saturday. Looking back on their engagement photos it’s fun to remember what this afternoon was like. It was one of those Seattle days where you are hanging on to every minute deciding whether you will shoot that day because it could storm or it could break into a killer sunset. We took the chance and thankfully it ended up being Seattle’s first insane sunset of the year.

I am glad to know these two. Dave + Steph are some of the most kind, deliberate, and calm individuals I have come across.

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Reyna + Dane

Many of life’s joys and wonders are lying before them at 19 years old. Young love is gold.

These images were shot in the neighborhood they will live in when they get married.

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Rachel + Matt

The three of a went on a day trip to Ellensburg where these two met and fell in love. We adventured and shared stories of our lives. Just like friends.

There are so many wonderful things to say and like about these two. I am so glad our paths have crossed. Looking forward to their snowy winter wedding.
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Ben + Amber

Don’t let your eyes refuse to see
Don’t let your ears refuse to hear”
― Ray Lamontagne

I am very fond of these two. They have child like spirits and are mad in love. I can’t wait to see their artistic creation come to life in September at their wedding.

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Melody + Ryan

melody and ryan thank you. thank you for driving over to seattle for your shoot. thank you for being spontaneous and sharing stories. melody your giggle gives me chills and ryan you are easy and comforting to be around. you guys are the real deal. thank you for sharing yourselves with me.

we wandered around my favorite neighborhoods in seattle and introduced them to bauhaus coffee and homegrown. both are a favorite of mine.

these two have a great story. i will wait to share it when i post their wedding images in september.

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Moment Junkie feature

Moment Junkie is a rad blog that features timeless moments in wedding photography. Super cool to be featured today.

Many moments during the day of a wedding make me laugh and also stop me in my tracks. Most of them are simple things.

Looking back over the year I have to say this image is one of my absolute favorites.

Christina’s dad Bill gave a phenomenal toast that evening. It had everyone in tears and a minute later in belly laughs. It will forever be in my head. Overwhelmed by emotion I knew the father/ daughter dance was going to be a good one. I sat there trying to fight back my own tears and witnessed this priceless moment.

The father daughter dance is one of my favorite parts of the wedding. There is a tenderness about those few minutes that hugely impact me.

I feel so unworthy, yet I have incredible gratitude to be apart of all these people’s lives.

See the post: here.

Laura & Brian Wedding

Here are a few random images I caught back in August when I shot this wedding at Sodo Park with Ryan Flynn. Laura’s wedding ring was made by Brian’s dad. Brian has an incredible smile. Their wedding party had many tattoos, great suits, and incredible personalities. I really liked them.

Big thanks to Ryan for having me along. Ryan is a rad photographer and real funny guy. You should stop by and check out his stuff. You will be blown away.

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Bri & Scott Wedding

Bri has the most amazing freckles a girl could have. It was the first thing I noticed about her after the huge hug she gave me the minute I was introduced. What a gift to spend the day with these two and see the love and chemistry they have with their friends and family. Congratulations Bri & Scott on a happy life together with your little ones. Big thanks to Saskia for having me along.

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Kenny & Sara

Kenny and Sara decided to get married. There were two requirements for their wedding…

Local beer and Mountains!

So naturally it would be Leavenworth, WA.

I am going to over use a word again. The exact word that describes something to be magical and impressive.

This place was EPIC!

I remember getting out of the car and looking around thinking “holy mountains and what the…”

At times I feel reluctant to go on and on about how amazing a wedding was as I feel all the weddings I shoot are. But…

There is something very profound about being present with people who have traveled from all over the world to support you in your new life, surrounded by vast mountains in the warmth of the summer, and knowing you will look back on this day remembering it just as you wanted it to be. A perfect day.

Kenny and Sara should have parties like this every summer.

Thanks to Saskia for letting me tag along at this wedding.

Venue: Mountain Home Lodge

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Jeff & Heather

You know when you go to some event or party and there is so much visual stimulation everywhere your senses have a hard time taking it all in because it is so awesome?! Well, this was that day! The thought and care that went into this celebration was mind blowing.

Thanks to Andria Lindquist who I had the pleasure of tagging along with for this wedding.

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