As of late!

Here is what our Seattle snowy day looked like in our backyard (the arboretum)!

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Bella & Kate Seattle

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Jason & Maggie

I learn a lot or am reminded of the things that really matter when I am around kids. Especially the four and under crowd. They are curious. Honest without pause. Intentional. But most of all they just want to have fun and party. If only adults could be as cool as kids sometimes!

The best thing about my daddy is he pushes me on my trike and listens to loud music -Maggie, three years old

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Grenz Family

There is so much to love about family shoots inside people’s homes.
It’s both relaxed and intimate.

Erica and Ryan are incredible parents to these sweet twins Cameron and Noah.

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Schlosser family

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The thing I love most about shooting family sessions is that twenty years from now the kids and parents will have a bond while looking back on these photos. They may laugh at how ridiculous their clothes were or ask what were they doing in this photo but the memory will be there. The memory of them just being them in Tacoma one day when they finally had their family picture taken for the first time.

Veronica & Sophia

Veronica is a caring big sis and Sophia is sweet as pie.

You can kid the world. But not your sister – author unknown.

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Sweet Genevieve

This adorable babe is my niece Genevieve. I snapped these photos one afternoon on our way out the door to pizza. I wasn’t going to pull the camera out but once I started I couldn’t resist. Her cheeks are just too sweet!

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fredericks family

We braved the wind and intermittent rain (big suprise) in Seattle this fall sunday morning. The destination was a beach spot in Magnolia. The kids brought out the pink umbrella, pirate faces, and fancy black patent shoes AND… white fur coat! Yes, little girl has a fur coat. There are times when I think photographing kids is so challenging and is it really what I want to be doing? But then I have shoots like these where the kids rock it out…

I realize after I go home and take a look at the upload- I melt. I love kids. I love them because they are a small piece of truth in our lives when we need it most. I love them because they don’t live hesitant. I love them because they forgive so easily. I love them because they’re not afraid of being themselves.

Without a doubt, every shoot I encounter kiddos I learn something new. Sometime’s it’s not just about getting the right shot. In fact most of the time it’s not. Fredericks family, I had a great time thanks for letting me spend time with your babes.

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