Lindsie // Mentor session

Lindsie and I and a sunny day made for a fun little mentor session. We drove around my neighborhood and jumped in an out of the car when we found a cool spot to shoot.

Mentor shoots are fun, relaxed, and rad because I get to share all my tidbits I know about photography and the way I shoot. I am more than willing to share what I have been taught and learned along my journey. If you are interested in a session, send me an email and we will chat.

Isn’t her hair cool?!

Happy Monday!

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Laura & Brian Wedding

Here are a few random images I caught back in August when I shot this wedding at Sodo Park with Ryan Flynn. Laura’s wedding ring was made by Brian’s dad. Brian has an incredible smile. Their wedding party had many tattoos, great suits, and incredible personalities. I really liked them.

Big thanks to Ryan for having me along. Ryan is a rad photographer and real funny guy. You should stop by and check out his stuff. You will be blown away.

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‘Those who lack courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.’ – Albert Camus

There is no pre-scripted story. Stories exist because people exist. People are the subject of the stories.

Since I posted the blog entry Do you ever wonder? I have had people share with me legit life changing stories they have run across in their lifetime. A few of these are too fresh to publicly share and some are in the works to share in the upcoming months.

I find my joy and wonder in the world when I am in the midst of these stories. My body language changes. I listen with intent and hang on to every last detail. More often I am left speechless. Considering people endure these real life situations.

I am teaming up with another photographer friend Andria Lindquist on this project called Inspira(shown). Inspiration shown through photos.

If you are reading this… I need your help.

If you know someone. Or you know somebody who knows somebody else with a story that makes you say WOW! – PLEASE contact me. There are no bad stories or stories that aren’t quite good enough.

Nominate them. Tell me their story, and why they inspire you. From there I will meet them, listen, and have a conversation. Then I will capture their story through photographs and share it here. To honor them. To inspire others out there.

This can be anyone, anywhere. Not just in Seattle. People are living lives all over.

This is my purpose. To find the joy and happiness in others and share it along the journey. I am constantly inspired.

This is FREE. It is not about money.

It is about people’s lives lived with strength and courage. People in your lives you respect and admire. These stories must be told. Our lives are changed by the profound stories we hear and I can’t wait to hear some of yours.

If you know these people or have come across them in your lives, please contact me.

  1. Nominate them. Please do not tell them so.
  2. Share their story with me and why they inspire you.
  3. Include their contact information (email or phone)

Send to

Thank you so much if you are reading this and submit someone you know. I am incredibly excited to see how this affects the lives around us. I will respond to each and every one of you within a day or two. I read all submissions.

This will be a monthly project of showing a person’s story. Stories that must be told. Ones that are just too good to not be shared. Things like:

  • a miracle baby story. mom & dad finally gave birth to child after years of trying. let’s celebrate their family.
  • a story of loss. a sudden illness or complication has struck a family member. let’s share your healing story.
  • a girl who was diagnosed with a disease at a young age and had lost hope but is now graduated from college and is a teacher. Let’s go back to school and document this accomplishment!
  • a guy who leaped. he followed his dreams and overcame his fear of failure. now is the reining champion in his sport. Let’s document that journey.
  • an older couple who radiate love and have been together for 40 years strong. Let’s get out there and capture that miracle story, shall we?
  • a person who has been battling cancer and still remains positive living life. Let’s talk and share your secrets of courage.
  • a man who gives up his career because he knows his wife wants to pursue her dream as a professional ballerina in NYC. Show me that life and those incredible dreams.
  • a lady who has been on the streets since she was 13 now has a job and is completing her master’s in social work. Show me what inspires you and your source of strength.
  • a family that travels all the over the US in a van with their two children because they don’t want to be confined to a conventional life. Let’s go out and explore. I would die to photograph your family in your moving home.

There is no prescribed perfect story. Stories in of themselves are what matter. The journey, the everyday, the fight.

* Yes, this image was taken in Seattle. We had a killer sunset a few weeks ago.

Bri & Scott Wedding

Bri has the most amazing freckles a girl could have. It was the first thing I noticed about her after the huge hug she gave me the minute I was introduced. What a gift to spend the day with these two and see the love and chemistry they have with their friends and family. Congratulations Bri & Scott on a happy life together with your little ones. Big thanks to Saskia for having me along.

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As of late!

Here is what our Seattle snowy day looked like in our backyard (the arboretum)!

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Do you ever wonder?

Warning: this is a long and worthwhile post.

Do you ever wonder what the people around you are all about? Where they come from? What their story is and opinions? Well, I do. Let’s be honest here for a minute. I am constantly wondering about these things. I want to know how people came to the place they are and what brought them here.

I am curious. I am curious to get to know people better and understand their stories.

A couple of days ago I decided to really go with this feeling and wear that awareness on the outside. Apart of my gift to myself this year was to make positive habit changes and this is one of them. Being more open with people. Not just the people in my circles but the people I do not know.

People, lives change when your habits change!

When I extend myself to the people around me these are the things I learned. All in day.

1. The repair guy who came to my house: Has three jobs and is looking for another one so that he can put his three girls through college. They all have dreams. Sarah wants to be a veterinarian. Elise dreams of being a pastry chef and wants to attend Cordon Bleu in Paris. Sally likes to do hair and wants to someday move to LA to be a hairstylist for the stars. I asked him why he is doing all this. He said because there was nothing else. This man’s wife died of cancer 7 months ago.

2. The barista: Everyday I pop into a select cafes to feed my morning caffeine addition and this day I heard his uplifting story. He comes to work everyday to slug coffee around because he hated his day job as an engineer. He is a dad and plays in a band. Working early morning hours at a coffee shop allows him to be a better father and the freedom to pursue his dream of playing drums in a band.

3. The teacher: It was the second week of school for my girls. Bella’s teacher had stunning curly long hair. I came to school to pick her up and gasped when I saw her teacher. She was bald. Bald as in a shiny bald head. I waited until someone said something wondering if she had cancer. On the way home Bella told me Mrs. M’s story. Mrs. M and her WHOLE family shaved their heads because Mrs. M’s sister had cancer. She was in the midst of radiation and chemo. They didn’t want her to be alone.

These are the things I live for. Stories that make me silent and send chills down my arms.

If we have a minute or even a moment in our day it is worthwhile to pay attention to what people are saying and listening to what they might not be saying. These narratives of people’s lives change me.

Lives change when our habits change!

On a related note: I am teaming up with a photographer friend of mine on a project called Inspiration. It is a project based on giving people love, time, and sharing what I feel is a gift of mine. This is not just a project about photography. It is more about getting in front of these individuals and listening to them. Observing them as they tell me their story. Maybe giving them more time and generosity than others have in the past.

I am really excited about this project and what doors may open along the way. If you are reading this I need your help. Do you know someone with an incredible story? A story that begets silence. A story that gives you arm chills? If you do please let me know. I would love to chat with you about this project.


Bella & Kate Seattle

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Jason & Maggie

I learn a lot or am reminded of the things that really matter when I am around kids. Especially the four and under crowd. They are curious. Honest without pause. Intentional. But most of all they just want to have fun and party. If only adults could be as cool as kids sometimes!

The best thing about my daddy is he pushes me on my trike and listens to loud music -Maggie, three years old

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425 magazine print publication

Well, this is an exciting find! A friend notified me earlier this week she saw one of my images in print in a local magazine. 425 magazine is a local living magazine for the Eastside community of Seattle.

The image is from a fashion shoot I shot earlier this year at Neiman Marcus.