Well hello there!

Nicole Firestone-10

Nicole, is what most people call me. I am a natural born lover and don’t know how to hold grudges. I enjoy going to the airport even if I am not departing. I like the comings and goings in life. I tear up and cry at every wedding because I love intention and love that much. I am whole heartedly in love with fashion especially vintage finds and don’t feel guilty about it. You can always find me drinking a pellegrino by day, gin & tonic by night. For me there is no better feeling than seeing a photograph and stopping dead in your tracks remembering a moment from that day. By nature I love change and could live somewhere different every couple years. I don’t know one thing about sports. I grew up dancing. I enjoy stranger smiles and small world encounters. If I meet you and like you, I want to know everything about you. My affinity for asking questions is off the charts. I love gold, brass and wood bowls. Being a mother is my greatest role yet. My desk has to be cleaned before I can work and concentrate. I believe in letting things be. My girlfriends are my biggest treasure. Naturally I am an introvert but get charged up in social environments. Someday I dream of living in another country where the sun shines 90 percent of the year. I enjoy surrounding myself with funny and curious people. I am deathly scared of heights. I am working on not obsessively overanalyzing if I am doing the best I can at what I am endeavoring to do. I am always planning the next party in my head. I love to eat and try new restaurants. I am always cold. I enjoy order and appreciate a good vacuum. I’m the opposite of a pack rat. I have a tendency to purge. Moderation is my mantra. Big and small things make me giddy. The ocean and the desert are my favorite places. Dress > jeans. I believe life is messy, beautiful, full of wonder and awe and can be as true as any rare art form.

Thank you for being here. If you want to connect, ask me anything I am pretty nice and like new friends.

Email nicole@sunshinecharlie.com
Phone 206.747.2300


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