Learning How To Flirt

Flirting is a scary thing, mainly because you get to potentially get yourself into a sticky situation that you can easily get out of. Also because a lot of guys don’t know how to flirt the right way. It’s not as easy as just say “hello” and have a girl come up and approach you.

If you look at other animals in the animal kingdom, the males have the females. But in human beings, it’s the other way around. We have to refine our skills, but we don’t really have to. This is one of the major things that puzzle guys – how to flirt.

Anyway, what you have to understand is that, like everything else, flirting is a fine balance. Too much flirting will make you look desperate and needy, and you don’t want to elicit those sorts of responses from women. Flirting should be a pleasant experience for you.

Now, when you flirt with a woman, as I said earlier, you have to be subtle. Because if you’re not, you’re just coming out of the friend zone. Don’t mistake simple friendliness for flirting. Now I’m not saying you should ever be overtly sexual. You absolutely should not. It doesn’t build attraction. At least not as much as you think it will.

What I mean by “friendly” is simply that you want to communicate to a woman that she is not the center of your world. You’re not really looking for adventure, or getting her into bed. You’re just interested in a good conversation.

I guess the best example would be that of a man and a woman at a club talking with their friends. There’s a guy in the group that sparks her interest. He’s with his friends, and they are laughing and having a good time. He gently tells her how he feels about her, compliments her smile, her outfit, nothing at all sexual. He makes it clear through his body language that he’s not smothering her.

Once the girl sees this, she’ll to some extent may become attracted to him. Now he needs to continue doing his flirting. How should he do it?

Well, keep your body language open and relaxed and don’t cling on her every word. Maintain strong eye contact and keep your own playfully playful vibe. Your fashion choice can be striking. Make her laugh, be witty in your conversation and shine a generous amount of humor.

At some point, when you feel the best time is right, bring up an idea, mention a movie, talk about the latest fashion, etc. There’s a certain way of doing this that works really well, and almost every woman will find it to be a huge turn on. Doing it the right way makes you the prize, and you will feel like you have taken away the girl’s challenge and now she wants you to.

In the beginning, flirting will be a very conscious process. You need to be extremely self aware of your body language and tonality. Trying to flirt in this way is about as eye catching as it gets, but you will get great results. This way you will catch her initial attention and initial interest, which you need to maintain.

Start small, with teasing, then progress to open and topic based conversations. Have fun and enjoy the process and you will see that flirting with women becomes enjoyable rather than scary.