Being Committed

Just because you are in a relationship with someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fully committed to them.

And this doesn’t just mean taking the step from casual dating to being “exclusive” either.

Although plenty of people are in exclusive relationships, not all of them are fully committed to their partner.

But what exactly does it mean to be “committed” in this context?

Well for one thing, it means situating them as one of the major focuses of your life.

Now in today’s age, even people who are in committed relationships have other focuses in their life, whether that be their career, or their family, or charity, or whatever the case may be.

But it is important that their partner is one of those main pillars of focus.

And by making them one of those focal points, you are ensuring that you are allocating the proper amount of time and energy towards them in order to make them happy.

What this means is making them a priority (within reason of course).

Remembering major holidays and other special occasions, along with providing them with gifts when applicable are common ways to show that your partner is a priority in your life.

But the small things should most definitely not be overlooked either.

Sending a loving text every day is a great way to show that you are thinking of them while at work.

Or cooking them a home-cooked meal (even if you aren’t the best cook out there) is a surefire way to show that you love them.

In essence, the small things come down to making your partner feel important, and they are just as significant as all of the larger gestures you do for your partner as well.

People who are truly committed are effectively doing whatever it takes to put their partner first.

The mentality in these sorts of people is that of putting their partner’s happiness above their own.

Even though the happiness of the both of you are more often than not already tied together to begin with.

But when situations do arise where you need to sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of your partner, you do it without hesitation.

And ideally your partner does the same for you!

In the end though, being committed really means having a clear end goal in the relationship.

So many exclusive couples date just for the sake of dating, or date with no real intention of having the relationship “go the distance”.

But if you are really committed to your partner, then all of the focus and attention that you put on them should be building towards something bigger than just waking up each morning as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The end goal for anyone who is truly committed to their partner is marriage.

Or in the case of already married couples, the end goal should be keeping your commitment of loving each other for the rest of your lives.

If you have those sorts of aspirations in mind with regards to you relationship, only then can you say that you are truly committed to your partner.