The Problem With Hook-Up Culture

If you have ever been single within the last few years, you almost certainly have tried out some type of dating app on your phone.

Although the most popular (and arguably original) dating app is Tinder, there are all sorts of other dating apps that each have their own unique characteristics.

But despite their minor differences, all dating apps ultimately enable hook-up culture.

Although many apps claim to be about more than hooking up, the reality is that most people who do end up on these sorts of apps do just use it to hook up rather than to look for real relationships.

And this hook-up culture has been around for years before dating apps even became a thing.

The biggest example of this is the college hook-up culture in which college students (freshman in particular) are literally on the prowl at college parties looking for anyone willing to go home with them.

With no obligation for anything more once the night ends.

While hook-up culture can seem appealing to young people in particular, living that sort of life is not worth it for a variety of reasons.

One major concern that everyone who engages in hook-up culture should be worried about is sexually transmitted diseases.

With everyone literally having sex with everyone else around them, such diseases are very easy to spread to you.

All it takes is for one person to either not disclose their disease, or simply not even know they have it, and it can make its way to you in no time at all.

And the last thing anyone wants from a sexual counter is a disease that potentially could stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Even protection such as condoms isn’t 100% effective, meaning that the more you sleep around as a result of hook-up culture, the more and more likely it will be for you to end up with a sexually transmitted disease.

This is in fact precisely why so many porn stars quit the business – even with protection, they are essentially asking for something to come their way if they keep going down that path.

And the same applies to anyone who actively engages in hook-up culture.

But beyond the health risks, living according to hook-up culture limits you from finding real love, which is realistically the goal for most people.

When you only focus on the physical aspects of a person, you get obsessed with that aspect more so than the inner beauty of a person, even well after you’ve moved on from hook-up culture.

These sorts of people find it very difficult to meet someone in the context of a serious relationship, or they have difficulty maintaining relationships long-term.

Although they don’t want to admit it, this inability to find sustainable love is due to spending many years prior living just for one-night stands.

As fun as hooking up may seem in the moment, there is perhaps no better way to ruin your chances of finding true love later on in life than by sleeping with strangers night after night just for the sake of sleeping with them. This, along with the undeniable health risks are why hook-up culture is such a problem.